Monday, October 30, 2006

Hey its me Again,

Well let me give you some more insight of who I am in life. I want to show the world that there is more to me than you might imagine. Throughtout my life I have alway been interested in television, movies, and entertainment. To be more precise, I have always been interested in media production. One day, I recieved my calling and I saw an ad on television about CCTV (Cambridge Community Television). The ad was about joining CCTV and recieving some hand on hand experience in media production. I was excited joining CCTV because I was interested in learning the different aspects of production. I joined CCTV when it first opened in 1991 and worked really hard on learning the skills of television and media production. I stayed in the production center in CCTV for long hours learning the new skills. At first it was difficult for the staff and I to communicate but we both eventually adapted. My boss Susan Fleischmann and the staff helped me a great deal learning these skills, I greatly thank them. Eventually, I decided to repay CCTV by raising funds for them in order to help them build a strong foundation for the future. All the hard work paid off and I created my first, ever video clip that year. Also, in that year I received an award in CCTV for my hard work. I was surprised and shocked, until this day I still thank CCTV for the opportunity they gave me. However, my journey in media production did not end there into this day I still take courses in CCTV. Through out my years I have fallen more in love with media production. I just want to say that life is hard and no matter the obstacle you can over come it. I believe if you have a love for something or someone you will do anything in your life to do your best to overcome it. I feel people in the world give up easily or make excuses in life but one forgets life is hard. In life you should not limit yourself because life is too short for you to sit down and regret.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some people are very mischievous, they are willing to hurt other people so they can be happy themselves and get what they want. Below are two examples that I have experience through out my life, the first one is recent but you will see why it bothered me so much:

Two weeks ago I went to the mall to check out some electronic. Because my fax machine wasn't working. So I went into this store to check the all in one fax/printer/scanner. I immediately looked for one of the workers since I cant read or write they are very useful for me, just like am sure they are for other people...But as I approach the worker I handed him a note that one of my workers wrote for me, in the note it stated if he could help me look for a fax/printer/scanner and he was very amicable he immediately helped me out, he told me they did have it in store and what not (he acted just like anyone who was trying to sell something) well I was so please with his help that I bought it and brought it home. When I brought it home I had my helper install it for me though it wasn't compatible with my computer(but that's not the worst part) she asked "you didn't get the ones with Fax?" and I said I had and she explain to me that it didn't look like it had fax machine in it, so I called down the store to see if it was an all in one fax/scanner/printer and they told me they didn't sell that kind in the store...When he said that I felt as if someone had just smacked me across the face, I couldn't believe that this person who I thought to be so nice and helpful had lie to me, the reason he probably lie to me was because am a handicap and he knew clearly I couldn't read...This just make me realized that people don't care as long as they get the credit...If you work for any handicap people watch for them because in stores people will sell anything they don't care if you are a handicap and what not...

Everyone in their life has loved someone that wasn't their family...I know you'd probably think whose going to want to love a handicap or want to be in a relationship with them...Well I was in a relationship for three years, I really cared about this person, when I was with this person I didn't need a PCA she was the one who did the things for me, she helped me so much...We would go out everyday just like normal a couple would...I came to a point where I realized this might be it. This might be my chance to stabilize a family, but as you all know things have their turns. She said she loved me and I believed her I mean why wouldn't I? Right? I am not rich and it was clear to me that it couldn't have been because of the money...So why would she put up with me for three years saying she loved me...Honestly I think she did love me at one point... But what happened after that? What went wrong? She moved in to live with me, so of course this was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me in my life, I was so happy what more could ask for?...I was so happy I was blindfolded by my love towards her that I didn't realized she was pushing her self away from me, she would come home everyday late at night with excuses that she was at work...I thought about it that she might had someone else but I didn't want it to be true and make a chaos, so I decided to keep my thoughts to my self...One day she cam Really LATE at night and sat next to me...I sat up and told her I couldn't do this any more I couldn't allow her to be coming home late every night it wasn't right, and we ended it with a huge argument, and she left ever since she walked out of that door I never heard or spoke to her again...Till this day I still love her, and I hope where ever she is she has a happy life I wish her the best...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hi, am Michael Megna...thats how i present my self to people in the streets, most of them reply with a hi or simply smile, others dont even bother to look... you might think i get offended but this is something i have to deal with everyday of my life. I was born with Cerebral Palsy which confines me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. people like me with this disorder are thought to be mentally impaired because of speech defect. But if you ask some of friends they can tell you that am no retard, i may look like am not aware of my sorroundings but am just aware as anyone without disabilities. I was raised by grandmother who later place me in a Mental school because she was unable to provide me with the same help as when i was a child, i had grown up and need different attention, so that became the best solution for my family. I spend 16yrs at Fernal school for mentally retarded. While i was in the school i was labeled a "retard" and that hurts me inside because i might not have the physical features as people without disabilities but my mind, is just like people withouth disabilities. I was deprived of normal education, i never learned to read or write, for a while i searched for a school program that would teach me this skill but i was unsuccessfull. But this didnt stop me from helping others with the same problem as me, I formed a group while i was in Fernal school for people with disabilities like me. I wrote all kinds of letters to the state house to allow people with disabilities to have there own apartments and live normal lifes. I also voluntered at the watertown Public Library twice aweek where i would stamp and shelve books. I also started a group home for people in wheelchairs, where i lived for 2yrs. I was getting tired of living in unsanitary rooms and crowded with people, around 1978 i moved into my present apartment. which is spacious, with high walls, and best all i live by myself. As soon as i moved into this apartment my life changed completely. I became more independant, i would go out everyday and come back when ever i wanted, without having anyone to boss me around. Later i started to receive help from people, they where called "homemakers" they would cook for me, and bathe me, and clean the house. though they were only limited to work for two hours. as i started to get older i realized i needed more help, meaning i needed the "Homemakers" to work more than two hours for me. So i had to look for PCAS, which stands for "Personal Care Assistant" they would do the samething as a homemaker but with more hours. I have gotten used to the idea that they come and go. So when one lives i say "good bye" knowing i might never talk to them again. But there is one person who worked for me a whileago and when she worked with me she promise to stay in contact and she kept it, she is the only one that has been true to her word. Though i have to admit that sometimes it hurts knowing how much time you have spend with these people, who became sort of like a "family" to me.
I would say anything is possible, for example who would of thought that Michael Megna would walk?!!?? me, someone who has been in a wheelchair since he was an infant... i accomplish this dream when i was 40yrs old and it was one of the greats experience in my life, a feel thats unpredictable and hard to describe. This become one more thing i had conquered, because i believe in myself and nothing will stop me from living my life even if it means to fail, every fall is a rise for me.